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2007 Home-a-rama Energy Bill Guarantee-Better Than The Promise!

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Well all you doubters out there the results are in. If you remember we guaranteed the heating and cooling cost of this 5350SF home to be no more than $92.00 per month. We collected one year of power bills from the homeowner and after we plugged the numbers in the computer we calculated the heating and cooling costs of “The EarthCraft House” to be $72.70 per month.¬† It came in 20% less than what we promised. So once again I will continue to preach that building¬† “Green” with Miller Custom Homes is the way to go. The day to day cost to operate a green house is less than a traditional home. Congratulations to the buyers.

Be sure to visit “The Mothership” in Ashville Park which is still available for purchase. You can own a Miller Custom Home “Green House” and have guaranteed heating and cooling bills of $115 per month.